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Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Residential Inpatient – Florida Rehab – Here at www.oceanbreezerecovery.org we provide the highest level of addiction treatment care for drug addiction and alcoholism. Our effective Florida drug rehab programs include individualized proven addiction treatment modalities to help you or your loved one recover. Ocean Breeze Recovery – 855-627-7700 Why did you start Ocean Breeze Recovery? I started Ocean Breeze because I felt like something was burning inside of me to help the addict and alcoholic. I just felt compelled to try to touch some peoples lives the way they were touched for me and I wanted to do it in a unique and special way. Do you feel as though you have touched a lot of lives? Without a doubt. If we touch one it was all worth it and we’ve done way more than that. I think the record speaks for itself the way our clients have stayed sober after they’ve left. We have a number of clients who are doing phenomenal in life and that just warms my heart. When you started Ocean Breeze, what were your goals? What did you feel was missing in other treatment centers? I think the main componenent with what was missing was love and compassion. I’m trying to let them see that I understand where they’re coming from and what they’re feeling and most importantly what they can do moving forward. I just want to pass on what was given to me. I wanted to broaden their horizons and help them dream big again. They come in hopeless and they leave they have that little glimmer and that little glimmer is all you need to start


Utah has new treatment for brain aneurysms: No surgery needed

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But the watchful waiting is over. Two weeks ago Moncur became the seventh patient at the University of Utah to benefit from a minimally invasive treatment approved in 2011 by the Food and Drug Administration: a "Pipeline Embolization Device," or a …
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Addiction Counselor Charged With Murder in DUI

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She attended Loyola Marymount University, where she was enrolled in an alcohol and drug counseling certification program and was hired by Twin Town Treatment Centers a year ago to work with other addicts in a group setting, said David Lisonbee, the …
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The technology of battling TB

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Microsoft Research India developed the biometric monitoring system in response to one of the most pressing problems in battling tuberculosis—the number of patients who fail to complete their treatment programs and thus develop and spread a deadlier …
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