Foundation for a Drug-Free World – the Truth About Crack


Foundation for a Drug-Free World – The Truth About Crack – The Truth About Drugs documentary is the cornerstone of the Drug-Free World Campaign, sponsored by the Church of Scientology. This documentary is the real story of what drugs are and what they do to one’s body and mind—told by people who’ve been there, done them and survived to tell about it.


Addaction scheme outdoes the Work Programme by focusing on self-esteem

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Since 2005, the Next project has been putting recovering drug users through nine-month courses to build self-confidence, which Addaction sees as the key obstacle to reintegrating people into work and mainstream society. The project starts with 12 weeks …
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Mental Health Services Transition Delayed

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WakeBrook will now use all 48 beds in the facility. Today, 16 go unused, while the remaining 32 are used for non-hospital drug withdrawal and substance abuse rehabilitation. According to the partnership, 16 of the substance abuse rehab beds will soon …
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The Rock on Half Dome: How Dani and Sylvia Found Triumph Amid Tragedy

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After sending him to two California drug-rehab centers “at $ 35,000 a pop,” Sylvia and Jim Boyd were heartened that Aaron was “clean 14 months” via Salvation Army help and a stint in jail. Then in June 2011, Sylvia was on one of her FedEx delivery routes.


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