How Can an Individual Find the Addiction Treatment Center That Will Be Right for Him?

Question by denice p: How can an individual find the addiction treatment center that will be right for him?
I just got the idea that maybe programs don’t work for some people because they happen to have picked the wrong kind of treatment program for them. I have a friend who wants to get treated and I want to share some info on how she can choose the right treatment center for her.

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Answer by destiny s
There really are so many addiction treatment centers and treatment programs proliferating the US today. I think that for a person to be able to find the right treatment program for himself, he must first discuss the treatment methods with the staff of the treatment center. This way, he would get to know more information regarding the methods that they employ. Consulting a doctor will also be good as he will get expert advice. Each treatment center may employ different clinical approaches, though a lot of them base their programs on the 12-step approach. Just remember that they must be able to take into account not just your friend’s addiction, but also her other needs.

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  • leah j says:

    First look up what is offered in your area, then ask what they specialize in and ask what there success rate is, most clinics, do every thing, because ” a drug is a drug” beer, pot, cocaine, opiates, it is all the same in the long run because they all make you dependent, also find out about insurance info. most places even have a program set up for after you leave, like, out patient care, and temp. housing that houses addicts that are now clean, so as to provide a safe haven…good luck

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