How Do I Stop My Friends WoW Addiction?

Question by douchenbag: How do I stop my friends WoW addiction?
I play video games alot but, i have a social life and go to work. My friend sometimes plays wow for 15 hours straight and he doesnt have a social life any more either. He quit his job but he keeps saying he will get one, but he wont. He really has a problem and i want to know how to stop it, without him hating me.

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Answer by Christina
Fortunately, my boyfriend isn’t as bad as your friend, although he LOVES WoW, as do all his friends. I think part of it is a phase and another part is the escaping away to a fantastical place.

I tend to find that when my boyfriend and his friends have other interesting things to do, they stop playing WoW for a while.

Maybe you could invite you friend out to do something, like a guy’s night out or something to that effect. Getting him away from the computer to do something exciting seems like it might be the best way to go.

Let me know how it works out. If you find a solution for this WoW addiction, you might be able to help a lot of people.

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World of Warcraft – A show hosted by a former WoW addict to help other WoW addicts. A man is on the show to talk about his addiction.


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22 Responses to How Do I Stop My Friends WoW Addiction?

  • Suednim says:

    you cant. i know so many with the same problem. it is pathetic, and is an addiction as sure as drugs or alcohol. They become some wrapped up with the game and the people they play with they become anti-social, with no interest in the outside world. If he has no job job, the best you can do is talk to his parents or who ever is paying for the monthly fee it takes to play,, try to ge them to cut him off.

    Then maybe he will get out from in front of the screen.

    Good Luck. But it will be an uphill battle.

  • msmagoo says:

    Addiction is the same no mater what it is. You can’t fix people, place or things. We are powerless over the addiction/person to change them. They have to want to change. Or hit a bottom. Where that bottom is who knows.
    Find something to do with your time the makes you happy.

  • Autumn L says:

    i use to play wow but once i started playing for more then 3 hours thinking it was 30 seconds i quit. its like a drug and it suck ppl up in it. just crash his account or something and show him what he looks like. explain to him that wow insnt everything and that if he doesnt stop ur stop being his friend. take seriouse action my friend because wow is a very very very addicting online game. if he doesnt stop soon he will be sucked into a vortex of doom that will most likley shatter his life into pieces and kill him. because if he is playing for 15 hours and thinking it was only 5 minutes then he needs to stop emediatly!!!! im dead seriose!!!!! get help for him please we dont want him to be a wow addicted person.

    hope i helped autumn

  • Disney Sorcerer says:

    I thought this video was about? supporting the good things in WoW. This title is very misleading!
    Haha! Just kidding.

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  • Fred Fruchs says:

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  • DaBassie1 says:

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  • mercedess89 says:

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  • wowgamer417 says:

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  • threecraws says:

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  • Ruud Swinkels says:

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  • Arijs Kirists says:

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