How Do You Recover From Prescription Drug Abuse? ?

Question by ghost: How do you recover from ? ?

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Answer by Acid09
If necessary hold an intervention. Get the addict to go to a detox clinic. Then get them involved in a program that specializes in treating prescription drug abuse. Regardless of your addiction, only a very small number of addicts ever stop on their own and most who do enter treatment relapse at some point.

But if an addict goes in with the attitude that they want to quit and are willing to go through the process they’ll triple their chance of success. When it comes to treating an addiction, attitude is 2/3 of the battle. And believe me it will be a major battle. The rest is just activily persuing sobriety by completing treatment and maintaining a life without drugs.

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  • JesusLovesYOU! says:

    Well I would recommend Fully Rellying on God.He can totally get you thru anything and he will never put u thru anything you cant handle. You dont need medical help or anything u just need Jesus Christ the best healing power ever and if you already have him thats great and i rejoice with u! I will see you in Heaven! I will pray for you and that you will come out strong! Jesus LOVES YOU and he DIED just for YOU! <33

  • Anyadlia says:

    detox and narcotics anonymous

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