How Should Illegal Immigration Be Stopped?

Question by mr. man: How should illegal immigration be stopped?
How can it be stopped? I don’t see a good reason besides building a big wall that wouldn’t be racist against hispanics. Should we just let everyone in and be fair because the Mexicans can border hop easily?

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Answer by mooned22
Walls and barbed wire

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Queery: Shannon Wyss

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“The drugs that are out there are pretty effective. We don't have a way of curing it, but we can treat it. Where we're playing catch up is in preventing new infections. Maybe gay men need some messages that would make straight people a bit squeamish.
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Summit participants will discuss the national HIV/AIDS strategy and the action plan for the prevention, care and treatment of viral hepatitis. Chembio also … The USPSTF recommends screening for hepatitis C virus infection in adults at high risk …
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