Know Any Good Songs About Drug Recovery?

Question by kristen: Know any good songs about drug recovery?
I have been trying to find a really good song about recovering from an addiction online, but I haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for. I need something that’s not mainly about girls or alcohol, and that has a happy ending. Something like “this is what I’ve been threw but I’m finally back in control of my life” kind of thing. I’d greatly appreciate all help! Thank you in advance!

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Answer by Harry H
‘drugs don’t work’ by the verve

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Call Of Duty Addiction: I Need Help! – Call of Duty Addiction: Please Help Me LOL Naughty Addict.


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Online Addiction Recovery through Skype. Get the help you need within the privacy of your own home. Learn more: – by SkypeTherapist (Online Therapist)


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RT @hollyfurlong_x: i have an addiction to online shopping, someone help me. – by AnnMari_e (Ann Corthell)


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Waking up to 27 emails regarding Cyber Monday deals does not help control an online shopping addictionby SydneyShaps (Sydney Shapiro)