If the “War on Drugs” Has Failed, Is Legalization the Answer?


If the “War On Drugs” has Failed, is Legalization the Answer? – Leigh Maddox and Peter Christ (members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition): The “War on Drugs” helped create a situation where from gangs, to police to lawyers to jails, there is massive amounts of money to be made in this never-ending “war”


FDA Approves First Antidiarrheal Drug for HIV

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Crofelemer is the first FDA-approved antidiarrheal drug for these patients. “Currently, there are no FDA-approved therapies for HIV-associated diarrhea,” Julie Beitz, MD, director of the Office of Drug Evaluation III in the FDA's Center for Drug …
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New Oral Androgen Receptor Pathway Agents Are Changing the Way Prostate

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“Enzalutamide is selective—it works particularly well in tumors in which the androgen receptor is overactive, such as through amplification,” said Andrew J. Armstrong, MD, MSc, co-leader of the Genitourinary Oncology Research program at Duke …
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13 Responses to If the “War on Drugs” Has Failed, Is Legalization the Answer?

  • tasman763 says:

    Take the business away from the importers and dealers . Undercut them. Drive them out of business. Provide safe ( not cut , or infected ) drugs or equipment .
    Define drugs clinically ( alchohol for example is a class B? substance ). This should place agencies in a position to help addicts with kicking the habit , getting councilling etc. It will provide its own funding . It will bring the situation under much better control.
    It is a better scheme that the existing scheme.

  • NotaPizzaGRL says:

    Marijuana is seen as less harmful than a drug like cocaine I guess. It’s harder to argue for the legalization of a drug like that than it? is for pot.

  • Michael Piro says:

    why does it seem whenever the “war on drugs” is brought up, all i ever hear is the war on marijuana?..like? marijuana legalization is the only singular issue?

  • WIllyGilly321 says:

    God gives grace to forgive & give us the time for us to find? our way towards a positive change in our lives. Man casts a black cloud over even the suspicion of a person involved in drugs. Most God fearing people fall right into this trap; offering no real help, just judgement and condemnation. Think of the programs that could be put in place geared to help people with drug problems with the full local & federal budget of law enforcement.

  • Twiggierjet says:

    Decriminalization is the? answer, not legalization.

  • fastacker2 says:

    Duh, that’s? what I said.

  • Jean Wilkinson says:

    I’m with you they will all be gone? soon!

  • Jean Wilkinson says:

    There is already a BLACK MARKET That is? the problem!

  • Jean Wilkinson says:

    We have a problem alright, It’s that the War On Drugs turned our country into a Prison Industry ! We make cars and prisoners in The? United States of America. Also the price of weed has gone up therefore it must not be a drug?

  • Synsof says:

    Smoke weed everyday?

  • gravityjunkie47 says:

    All very dangerous and all very legal!?

  • WeAskThePeople says:

    MY THEORY is , that , the? old guard has to DIE OFF , for us to see real change.
    the BRIANWASHING has stained many minds.. & it won’t DRY CLEAN out of our conscience.

    COMMON SENSE will win the day

  • cgmaxed says:

    CDC reports 80,000 deaths per year from alcohol. Your right – VERY DANGEROUS. It’s poison.?

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