Indiana-Alcoholism Treatment


Indiana-alcoholism treatment – One of the major states in the US, Indiana has a population of about 6.3 million. It is interesting to note that, among the various states of the US, it is ranked at 17th for the population density and number. This state is a collection of many cities, most of which are metropolitans with very large populations. While one can come across smaller cities with no more than 30000 people, cities with more than 100000 residents are also very common.


Drug Stocks Prey for Insiders as Industry Resists Change

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At a time when more than one in five U.S. insider-trading cases involve health-care stocks, the industry's companies say their policies designed to prevent abuse are sufficient — or they refuse to publicly discuss the issue at all. Since 2007, 97 …
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Old pop culture drug making comeback

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According to IPRC, Indiana has the nation's second highest rate of high school students abusing prescription drugs — 21 percent. The top source of those drugs: buying pills from a friend. “They're everywhere,” Natalie asserted. “The drug kids at school.
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