Narconon Drug Rehab Before and After Drug Addicts


Narconon Drug Rehab Before and After Drug Addicts – Students in the Narconon Program in Georgia describe their drug addiction and how the Narconon program has helped them. Narconon of Georgia website: Drug Abuse information Find out how someone becomes addicted: The signs of abuse:


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… and church family at Rutledge Baptist, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Zant, Dr. Hall and all the staff at Madison Family Medicine, Dr. Lowman and his nurse Gypsy, her many friends at the Morgan County Senior Center, the staff at the Morgan County Citizen, the …
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16 Responses to Narconon Drug Rehab Before and After Drug Addicts

  • randy109 says:

    No one plans on becoming an addict. At first it’s “fun”, but it NEVER ends well. My family alone is filled with horror stories of basically good, educated people who became addicted to the whole array of drugs, particularly alcohol.

    Be careful, and don’t be too “proud” to get help. You WILL? know when you need help if you are honest with yourself.

  • DrDrewable says:

    Wow. This video makes you really think about how it’s possible to turn? your life around.

  • 5492514 says:

    its really sad to see people who get addicted to drugs. there is a old wives tell that? if youre really in pain then you cannot get addicted!!!!!!! 14 year user do to health reasons. doctors given meds only no street deals. and im here to say you can. its sad when you are addicted and in pain. its either stop and deal with the pain or keep taking higher doses untill you die!!!!

  • NarcononRocks says:

    you got it!! NARCONON ROCKS!!!?

  • NarcononPSA says:

    This is a great video.?

  • enguerrandm says:

    they look great?

  • NarcononPSA says:

    Great video? these guys are awesome!

  • adamRLS says:

    This is very informative and should be seen by those who have doubt about recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.?

  • eal1011 says:

    Wow very dangerous? can destroy your own life and family. Almost never at peace unless them find peace themselves and find proffessional help. Three things can happened to them, death, jail or hosptial. They have choices.

  • happyrabbitt007 says:

    This is a good video.?

  • NarcononPSA says:

    Some people have said these don’t look like drug addicts, but they? were, and are now living happy lives, drug-free!

  • BubbeMac45 says:

    Interesting to see the range in ages. Glad Narconon? could help them.

  • enguerrandm says:

    Great video-before and? after.

  • NarcononDrugEdu says:

    Actually, simply caring about your child, setting boundaries and expectations, showing displeasure or upset if the child would consider drinking or smoking pot, and asking the child to keep a curfew and keep track of their whereabouts are huge steps? in keeping your child drug-free.

  • NarcononEducation says:

    Drug addiction does not have to be a perpetual curse. Get treatment and live a happy drug-free? life.

  • NarcononNetwork says:

    These are the results we like seeing with our students. Keep up the good? work!!

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