Is It Okay to Use Conditioning Treatment Twice a Week?

Question by Aryeah: Is it okay to use conditioning treatment twice a week?
I am planning on alternately using the Conditioning Treatment Wax and Extra Shine Treatment Wax interchangeably.

Additional info:
I have thick but recently relaxed Asian black hair. I will be applying bubble hair dye on it in a few days. Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Beatles luver
yes unless ur hair is oily. idk abt Asian hair, but i don’t see why not. moisture is good.

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Fire and Rain ( James Taylor 70’s Acoustic Guitar Cover Song ß? Stef ) – Here is my cover of James Taylor’s 1969 / 1970 song Fire and Rain of which I have been playing for many years. I have interpreted this video montage the best way I can to echo James Taylor’s experiences that inspired the song lyrics & this includes the death of ‘Susanne’ thru suicide (“Susanne, the plans you made put an end to you”) & then James’s personal experiences of mental institutions, shock treatment (ECT that he called The Fire) & the ‘Rain’ being the cold showers that followed shock treatment. Ultimately all this led to a drug addiction & the personal battle that ensued. I have made a stab in the dark that the ‘telephone line’ could be a Helpline but that’s just an assumption on my part. I wanted to say much more on stress, medications and mental health issues, particularly about the stigma these days of the 1960’s meds that were issued freely and in abundance for anything remotely stress related and their side effect impacts upon patients, as this is a subject that I can very much relate to. And today’s meds that are the ‘accepted’ norm but will be the new stigma of 2050 due to the harsh side effects folks have to endure with some of them. Producing this video certainly made me think long and hard about the whole drugs situation with folks around the globe and the struggle with them that sometimes ensues. But I’m not convinced that a guitar channel is the right place for those words and subsequently I took down my candid views blog that I posted here with the


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