Is It Okay to Use Conditioning Treatment Twice a Week?

Question by Aryeah: Is it okay to use conditioning treatment twice a week?
I am planning on alternately using the Conditioning Treatment Wax and Extra Shine Treatment Wax interchangeably.

Additional info:
I have thick but recently relaxed Asian black hair. I will be applying bubble hair dye on it in a few days. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Beatles luver
yes unless ur hair is oily. idk abt Asian hair, but i don’t see why not. moisture is good.

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14 Responses to Is It Okay to Use Conditioning Treatment Twice a Week?

  • Sur La Mer says:

    I’m Asian, and I don’t use treatment on my hair.

    Washing less often, builds the natural oil your hair needs, to get them smoother, shinier, silkier, softer. Man-made products are just temporary, until you wash them again, and at the same time washing off the natural oil your hair NEEDS. Hair products just absorb on your hair if they’re dry, like a sponge.
    Jessica Simpson have figured it out, she said she wash her hair every week. She used to abuse her hair, then start selling hair extensions because her hair starting falling from all the chemicals, but she woke up and found out how to keep her hair healthy AGAIN.

    The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’. Mechanical, chemical, or thermal styling. Hair straighteners and relaxers top the hair products pose the greatest risks. Hair relaxers, related products marketed heavily to African-American women, are dangerous because they may contain powerful chemicals such as lye, a toxic substance also used in drain cleaners.

    The ONLY thing you should be doing to your relaxed hair is:
    Shampoo & condition the hair as usual, every 4-7 days, but continue to trim off the damaged hair, allowing new growth to take over. Use GENTLE shampoo. Applying a small drop amount of oil to wet hair can also act as a leave-in conditioner and provides excellent conditioning in preparation for the next shampooing.

    As long as you continue to ‘abuse’ your hair, your hair will not improve. Hair straighteners are known as hair relaxers, keratin treatments and hair-smoothing products. They work by breaking and reforming the chemical bonds in keratin, which is the main protein that gives shape to each hair.

    > > > > BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT HAD BEEN BANNED by the Food & Drug Adm. Sept. 12, 2011.

    Google keratin treatment warnings. About 1,980,000 results (0.17 seconds) 
    Past users of the product have complained of sore throat, skin irritation, headaches, chest pain and rashes, among other symptoms. That may have something to do with the fact that the levels of formaldehyde found in the product rival those typically used in funeral embalming. That’s a lot of formaldehyde.
    Reps for the company swear it’s all a misunderstanding. And the product labels itself “no formaldehyde” and “formaldehyde free.” The company has until September 12 to get its affairs in order, or risk having its product seized by the FDA. “We have been tested countless times by OSHA,” the company’s CEO Mike Brady told NPR. “And we have never exceeded a safety standard ever.” Right now, they are fighting with the FDA, but will continue to give what customers want,. Buyer beware!
    Hair-straightening products are allowed to contain small concentrations of formaldehyde (0.2 percent). But several hair-straightening solutions have been found to contain well above the allowable limit. For example, one popular hair-straightening product that advertised itself as “formaldehyde-free” actually contained 6.8 percent to 11.8 percent formaldehyde.

    BTW: A variety of hair-straightening products used in professional salons can expose both hairdressers and their customers to formaldehyde. The results show that three professional hair-smoothing treatments labeled “formaldehyde free” can produce the cancer-causing chemical at concentrations above the occupational exposure limits set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They tested four products: Coppola Keratin Complex Blonde Formula, Global Keratin Juvexin Optimized Functional Keratin, La Brasiliana Escluso Keratin Treatment with Collagen, and Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution. While ChemRisk tested four popular brands of hair straighteners, there are hundreds on the market. Nov. 11-11

    By contrast, beauty salon owners and stylists generally lack a scientific background and don’t have a keen awareness of the danger of working with products that contain formaldehyde, experts say.

    Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

    Google & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers.
    Google: Hair Dye FAQ’s Are Hair Dyes Safe?

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    Hi Laura and many thanks for your warm feedback here, truly appreciated. I had a very quiet xmas with feelings of being a bit exhausted and burnt out so am glad I took time away from work and am taking the New Year gently, gently and will be returning to my design room in a day or feeling rather refreshed indeed. I am also raring to go on the acoustic guitar covers front so stand by for a flood of Beatles covers LOL Be Fabuous my friend, we ALL? have to be Fabulous, peace and hugz, Stef

  • laurabrake1 says:

    Super job on this Stef. I? hope you have a wonderful New Year sweetie. Laura

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    Hi Phil, many thanks for your warm appreciation of my cover here, truly appreciated and many thanks for adding this to your faves. Yes, 2013 is going to be a good one for me, I feel it in my soul. I’m on the up and up again, finally. I hope that your New Year starts? off fabulous too my friend, Peace, Stef.

  • rockingphil58 says:

    Loved it Stef beautifully covered and sung and played this is a definite? on my fav list outstanding hope you have a great 2013 Stef from Phil .

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    many thanks Michele, much appreciated, have a? fabulous weekend my friend, peace, Stef

  • Michinil says:

    Well here? we are. Fire and Rain. As you promised! Beautifully sung and played Stef.

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    many thanks for this warm feedback of appreciation. It’s always nice to start the day with positivity.? Have a fabulous day friend, peace, Stef.

  • alertami says:

    Another beautiful rendition Stef. I’ve always loved this one? and it was the first JT song I learned when I was young. Well done.

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    Many thanks for your input here Janet. I have Re-Posted my Candid Blog that I took down yesterday due to cold feet syndrome as I feel there is an important message there & it is about ‘Change’ & Awareness. But I’m only one voice here but? ‘With a Little Help from My Friends .. ? who knows ?
    I fully understand your Seasonal issues. When the sun hits my face I sometimes have a Mental Orgasm LOL. And hey, Its Summer in NZ, Whooppee, Mental Orgasms in Abundance eh ? LOL, peace to you my friend, Stef

  • onewomanandsomesongs says:

    This has always been my favorite JT song. I always thought the writing was so profound, and I think you did a wonderful cover of this, Stef. I think your pics here are well chosen. Mental illness can be tough, and I like the fact that you don’t sanitize anything here. I suffer a bit with Seasonal Defective Disorder. I’m pretty cheerful through the year, but something about winter makes me really blue. Can’t wait for? February to roll around, I start to feel better. 🙂 Janet

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    many thanks Virginia, your feedback is always welcomed my friend.? Hope that you are having a peaceful, happy Christmas and do enjoy the rest of your day, Stef.

  • 1952banjo says:

    Really enjoyed this one very much Stef !!!? 🙂

  • AcousticGuitarbyStef says:

    No worries? George, Your Hip description reminded me of Billy the Kid in Young Guns & your household duties reminded me of an old tea towel that adorned our kitchen when I was no more than knee high to a grasshopper & it had the words embedded on it that said ‘something like’ “A Good Husband is one who will wash up when asked and Dry up when Told” .. or something along those lines ! Ahh, the tackiness of British Tea Towel Slogans ! LOL, Be Fabulous at the kitchen sink and enjoy Xmas, Peace, Stef.

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