My Brother Keeps Stealing My Cigarettes and Stealing Money to Buy Cigarettes, How Can I Get Him Back?

Question by Must Simmons: My brother keeps stealing my cigarettes and stealing money to buy cigarettes, how can I get him back?
He got addicted to cigarettes recently and keeps stealing my cigarettes, as well as money for him to support the habit. A pack of Marlboros or Newports costs about 11 dollars here in NYC. Would it be acceptable to punch him in the face even though he’s only 14?
I know cigarettes are bad but this is not the point. I don’t actually smoke them, I just sell them and hold them for friends. I only smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.

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Answer by Natalie Amani
I bet you half the people here are going to yell at you… But its not their life so don’t worry. I don’t know what peoples problem is with commenting just to yell at you..
But anyways.
The only thing you can do is hide them. Keep your money safe, hide your cigarettes or keep them close to you so he cant get his hands on them. Let him overcome his addiction himself, or suffer alone. If you hit him or something, he has the right to file it in for abuse or something because he’s under 18.

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15 Responses to My Brother Keeps Stealing My Cigarettes and Stealing Money to Buy Cigarettes, How Can I Get Him Back?

  • Angel Mello says:

    im 13 and i would steel my older brothers cigarettes to and one day i went in his room to take some and he had a Video Camera in his room and he showed the Video to my family

  • Arcane Quifla says:

    Why are your parents oblivious to his doings?

    Taking you out of the scenario, they should be doing something about it.

  • Inov8tion16 says:

    I’d? definitely hit it

  • lcooper666 says:

    Face it… You’re nobody Just live and? be happy.=)

  • shadillac henry says:


  • noblisss says:

    Eat some food while? doing that so your vagina doesn’t shrivel into a sliced raisin.

  • overbakedcookie says:

    ya? shes on meth

  • rare1gun says:

    Tila has an interesting life, she was raised in a strict Buddhist home,…and obviously she experienced the fast life…it’s kinda sad to see how this beautiful Vietnamese girl wanted the fame and money so bad, that it almost took her life. Tila? I hope you get better conquer your demons and return to your roots.

  • bootyful524 says:

    Tila opens her mouth and SHIT comes pourin’ out…I feel soo sorry for this dumb? bitch ! she’s lost and fucked up too ! she is such a disgrace to the Vietnamese community. Somebody please haul her ASS outta here b4 she ruins our Vietnamese heritage. ?? má? con ?? l?n Tila n?y. Cha m? c?a con l?n n?y không bi?t gi?y con m?i tr? thành h? hõng nh? v?y

  • msoviet409 says:

    Tila it seems is tired of LA lifestyle. Maybe due to many nosy people, and crazy too that drove her nut…lol! Take? stand Tila maggots are everywhere.

  • captivesparrow says:

    She is obviously on something.?

  • msoviet409 says:

    I don’t see any sign of meth??? But it appears that Tila has? found a new home…good for her!

  • TenshiTamagoKidd15 says:

    i love her!!!!!?

  • 909dynasty says:

    no vocals.?

  • panda09lb says:

    Shes? a man.

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