Long Term Drug Treatment and Long Term Drug Rehab in Florida


Long Term Drug Treatment and Long Term Drug Rehab in Florida – The Gonzalez Recovery Residences (The GRR) provide a series of drug addiction treatment services including affordable and appealing long term drug treatment. The GRR addiction recovery programs include effective home style living facilities that are comparable or better than those at the best alcohol treatment centers and drug treatment centers. The GRR are some of the top addiction rehab facilities in Florida and in Virginia today. The GRR has personalized extended after care programs for substance abuse and/or chemical dependency coupled with affordable and effective long term addiction treatment. The continuing care structured addiction treatment environments are extremely diverse: they run the gamut from the very economical to the very high end, customized, executive retreat end of the spectrum. In any case the discernable quality for the price is palpable. A variety of attractive, comfortable, affordable residential, structured sober living homes are available. Each individual is offered practical, supportive tools that are designed to promote the skills required for a gradual re-integration into the “real world”. Relapse prevention and life coaching, mixed with an enjoyable environment make The GRR the best choice for a Florida rehabilitation experience. The GRR is an ideal choice for those seeking a dignified approach to long term extended care rehab programs and appealing long term drug rehab with proven results. In the words of Father Joseph C. Martin the Co


The Prospects for a 'Sterilizing' HIV Cure

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They still carry some evidence of virus, very low, not doing any damage, at least undetectable damage. But they still take their drugs. This can be regarded as a 'cure,' a cure in quotes." He said that to the extent that antiretroviral therapy can …
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Expanding Canada's “Most Wanted” program a bad idea

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… “Most Wanted” program, while controversial, has been a resounding success. The public has called in tips that have helped the Canadian Border Services Agency locate 33 people who are wanted for removal because they are guilty of war crimes or other …
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Thinking Clearly About Personality Disorders

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The new proposal — part of the psychiatric association's effort of many years to update its influential diagnostic manual — is intended to clarify these diagnoses and better integrate them into clinical practice, to extend and improve treatment. But …
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