Massacre at Mexico Drug Rehab Center


Massacre at Mexico Drug Rehab Center – Gunmen broke into a drug rehabilitation center, lined people against a wall and shot 17 dead in a particularly bloody day in Mexico’s relentless drug war. (Sept. 3)


Indian court to rule on generic drug industry

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"We're looking to the Supreme Court to tell Novartis it won't open the floodgates and allow abusive patenting practices," said Eldred Tellis, of the Sankalp Rehabilitation Centre, a private group working with HIV patients. The court's decision is …
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12 Responses to Massacre at Mexico Drug Rehab Center

  • ISing700 says:

    I? feel sorry

  • forb1ddnl0v3 says:

    this is fuckn bullshyt yu cant let these gunmen make u mexicans live in fear..mean at least we have police and shyt but dat dont mean they are on our side here in u.s we have hoodz, we have killings but at least we fight back as family and as a race and as nations..we dnt get justice legally shyt we handle its street? justice, ya need step up plus new probly jst blowing this outta porportion maybe dey used to it, but idk

  • lesterclaypool1 says:

    The drug dealers are sending out a message alright, but it isn’t about not getting? clean it’s about not blabbing to police.
    Those people were in that rehab as a part of a plea agreement with the courts where they would have given information about certain people up for a reduced sentence of rehab as opposed to jail.

  • irishboy8814 says:

    Drug rehab….like? that works in mexico.
    As for the 17…..let’s look at the glass half full, 17 less we have to worry about swimming over here.
    Keep the fighting going in mexico, weed out the non-whites.

  • hardkoregamer999 says:

    your a fucking liar first of all the typical war on drugs fear tactic you comment and i quote “Yeah? and when some coked out idiot goes runnin through people’s houses stealing ,killing and raping we will give em your address”
    do like spreading propaganda? go fuck yourself retard if you smoked you wouldt have said that? im done commenting on your dumbass.

  • truckdawg43 says:

    I was looking more at the hardcore gamer handle ya got going there .I smoked more than you will ever be able to and I didnt end up in the basement .So that would be hypocritical of me? to go off that wouldnt it ?

  • hardkoregamer999 says:

    LOL self abuse thats good and basement dweller yeah right you really think all potheads live with their parents? stop the stereotypical bullshit.

  • truckdawg43 says:

    Then go smoke it you dumbassed loser maybe some day you might wise up and get out of Momma’s basement .Ya basement dwelling? self abuser

  • hardkoregamer999 says:

    save your bullshit war on drugs propaganda? to the sheeps fuck off i got weed to smoke you cock sucking loser.

  • truckdawg43 says:

    Yeah and when some coked out idiot? goes runnin through people’s houses stealing ,killing and raping we will give em your address

  • xSeriox4 says:

    America’s government is with Mexico’s government as partners as elites. America needs Mexico as much Mexico needs America. America’s government is good to me, and is good to you, and it’s good to Mexico. ?

  • xSeriox4 says:

    No, is not America’s fault. Russian’s cities are also turning into Juarez cities because most of the weapons come from Russia, and Europe to the USA. USA will always sell weapons. Is the same border people who are bringing the weapons to the border. Is not what America wants because New Orleans USA 2# most dangerous city in the world. New Orleans is the same as Juarez, and all because USA sells guns, and Detroit USA is also same as Juarez. It is the selling of weapons.?

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