WDRB News – the Opana Problem – Tonight at 10


WDRB News – The Opana Problem – Tonight at 10 – A highly addictive pain medication is causing major problems in Southern Indiana. Journalist: Bennett Haeberle Photojournalist: Sarah Haeberle Promotions Writer/Producer: Will Benson


Communities That Care

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You may not see it..but officials at hospitals in southern Indiana and at jails in Knox and Sullivan County know that drug and alcohol use among young people is a real problem. "There's a problem with getting kids to recognize this is not the thing to …
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Ecstasy suspect to be in court

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Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is listed by the National Institute of Drug Abuse as a Schedule I “drug with high abuse potential and no recognized medicinal use.” NIDA also refers to the drug as a euphoria-inducing stimulant for which use can lead to …
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