Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Curry and Wandzilak


Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Curry and Wandzilak – Complete video at: fora.tv Co-authors Constance Curry and Kristina Wandzilak discuss the struggles with drug and alcohol addiction at the heart of their book, “The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare.” —– Constance Curry and Kristina Wandzilak talk about “The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare.” This riveting memoir of survival and transformation reveals the true story of a daughter’s decline into alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution and homelessness, and her mother’s efforts to rescue her. – Book Passage Kristina Wandzilak is the Executive director of Full Circle Intervention, a nationally recognized presenter and author. She has worked in the chemical dependency field since 1994. Kristina has been specializing in intervention since 1998 and opened the doors of Full Circle Intervention, with the vision of bringing respectful intervention to families who are in crisis with addiction. Constance Curry has been in co-dependency recovery for many years. She has studied and tried to understand the disorder that took over her life and the lives of those she loved most. She has been on various educational speaker panels for practicing therapists and teachers talking on the intricate subject of addiction and family recovery.


SIGN ME UP: Substance abuse topics covered in Share series

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The program, which started on Wednesday, is open to everyone in the community and features information for those who have an alcohol or drug problem or for those concerned about their use. It will help those people affected by others' use, to …
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Vitale-Gordon Mental Health Parity And Substance Abuse Treatment Bill Advances

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“By requiring the two largest health plans for public employees to provide parity coverage for mental illnesses and alcohol and substance abuse disorders, we can make a statement that insurers need to update their policies.” “This bill would apply …
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23 Responses to Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Curry and Wandzilak

  • Jason Crutchfield says:

    I love my parents but I will never forget being turned away and? the dejection, hopelessness and feelings of worthlessness that accompanied that experience. Fragments of it still exist in my psyche today. And fortunately my parents are remorseful for what they did instead of getting up on podium and acting like they made a hard, but correct choice.

  • Jason Crutchfield says:

    I like how the mom rationalizes shutting her own daughter our of her home. As? a child who received the same tough love treatment of being shut of my own home and forced to become homeless and trust into a world of addicts, criminals, and abusers I know the path she had to take. Equal parts luck, toughening up, and the kindness of strangers. I was lucky/blessed too, but another more likely outcome exists from turning out a child… death, slow or fast.

  • vikas tailor says:

    The video looks awesome but its really? very difficult to refrain from an Alcoholic addiction. The so called therapy i.e. communication on timely manner is really very important and I found one great resource on Internet which is talking exclusively on ADDICTION is DENTEDEGO its world’s #1 social networking support site

  • hirokx says:

    I had a gaming addiction lol. I made a video of it on my channel. I know it sounds silly to be addicted to a game? but it’s becoming more and more common now.

  • ununhexium says:

    some of these comments are seriously disgusting. jesus.?

  • wonderwoman1148 says:

    do you have any experience whatsoever with weed? you cannot become physically addicted to marijuana. you can become? “mentally” addicted to absolutely anything, yes, but then you could say don’t play sports or read books because those are mentally addicting, also.

  • jlh6310 says:

    Hot. Idk about the flowered? jacket though

  • Gal Tzur says:

    u know? people get hooked to weed 2, when? they do it enough!

  • axllovesslash says:

    smoke weed?

  • bryngOneOn says:

    i hope she was? a happy drunk, she effin boring sober

  • reza alahyari says:

    i was addicted to cigarette and alcohol.but i quit both of them.you know how?
    i realized i am addicted and after that i started to quit.at first it is necessary to understand that you are addicted.dont say some bullshits like”i drink sometimes a lot” or “all people drink.am i addicted?”.
    try to understand you are addicted.after that you definitely try to quit.because? you dont want to be called an “addict”

  • TheIggy457 says:

    I’m sorry to hear if anyone is struggling with drug addictions of any type. If you want help, and can’t find help, or if the help you seek isn’t helping you. Try what I have done. Accepted Jesus as Lord in your life. ask him to help you with your addiction, and make a vow to him that you will live for him. If you sincerely desire to stop your addiction then God will deliver you from? that stronghold in your life.
    Prepare for your life to be changed. Bless you. HE HAS DELIVERED ME : )

  • Tom Zitter says:

    there’s money being made sowhere here in all this hope, I can feel? it, please explain otherwise if I’m wrong

  • Tom Zitter says:

    that was your bottom so you had to get sober or die she’s? an alcoholic…dahh

  • mdcombs79 says:

    I found the CURE for? addiction and I have proof for this claim. Click on my name and witness Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have witnessed over 100 addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for my addiction, but have never found so much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am? in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  • DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot)? com/nb812

  • Tom Zitter says:

    yes your embarrassing your? mother if you relapse.

  • geoopa says:

    Power to you. You went to hell and kicked it in? the arse. I only wish I had your strength!

  • DrMickaelleDougherty says:

    “If you find self-reform too hard
    In spite of your intense desire
    For lack of firmness to? discard
    The habits that stink of the mire,
    There is no reason to despair,
    Try what you can time and again,
    Beseech your Maker to repair
    The faults and you in strength will gain.”
    From Part II of ACCELERATING BRAIN EVOLUTION on my channel.

  • EsheAhkura says:

    “Once the liquor dries… what remains of? the man?”

  • Tommy Orr says:

    @qukarlz Thats not nice at all man…I almost totally wrecked my life and others through alcohol(I canll it the demon)…Obviously there is nothing wrong with it in moderation….Im about to do 6mnths to a year rehab(live in) and Its going to be one of the? hardest things Ive ever had to do…I hope you understand that

  • erinashleyx says:


  • OpusDei1321 says:

    could you imagine this woman like buying drugs. “Excuse me sir, i would like one gram of your? finest methamphetamine.”

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