Robert Folkenberg,”God’S Highest Authority on Earth” Meets Ms. Filthy Lucre (Part 5 of 6)


Robert Folkenberg,”God’s highest authority on earth” meets Ms. Filthy Lucre (part 5 of 6) – Summing up the 1990 Indianapolis session, Johnsson assumed a prophetic posture: “Leaders will long remember its message,” he wrote; and then the fortune-cookie close: “Be prepared for surprises!”114 ********** *************** INTRODUCTION: This channel was created at the request of my father, James Wilson White, MD (fka Percival Wilson White). Our original plan was to work on this project together. My father and my mother, Norma White, participated in fabricating and spreading lies about my husband, David Steiner (fka Vernon Lee Leggett) in an attempt to get him imprisoned as quickly as possible. (Their reasons were many, and I will be explaining them in the future.) Although it took longer than they had hoped, my parents’ attack on David allowed some crooked people to take advantage of and add to the image of David they had created. These opportunists became the prosecutor’s star witnesses, and their false testimonies led to the wrongful indictment, 1996 conviction and imprisonment of two innocent men—my husband and our friend, John Thiele—who were punished for a white-collar crime that never even happened. My husband, David, was clearly the target. But our friend, John Thiele, was dragged into the indictment. After many stressful years of trying to defend himself from their false allegations, John ended up serving 2 ½ years in prison and to this day carries a huge judgment against him because he wasn’t willing to add to the lies to save himself. Knowing of my never


Winter falls, bone fractures may point to osteoporosis

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In May, the FDA required drug manufacturers to update the label to include an "Important Limitation of Use" statement: "The optimal duration of use has not been determined. All patients on bisphosphonate therapy should have the need for continued …
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Understanding the new health care law and what it means for you

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“About 50 percent of the American population will have to make some type of choice in regard to their health plan coverage in the next year,” says Steven Zaleznick, lead of development at HealthPocket, an easy-to-use website offering unbiased health …
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Financings of the Fortnight Climbs Half Way To The Stars

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One is Kent Hawryluk, who has been an Indianapolis-based VC with Twilight Venture Partners for years. He helped found … In just over four years, Intellikine discovered three drugs to treat cancer and advanced them into clinical testing… Along with …
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Beware Drug Peddlers on Pedals

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Drug dealers using bicycles as a preferred means of conveyance in rural Henrico County? It sounded like a stretch to me. But that's before I Googled … Also I have seen a hooker walking the area. Other articles around the world reveal that drug …
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