Power and Worship Conference – Cleveland, Ohio


Power and Worship Conference – Cleveland, Ohio – For more info please go to www.Inhbaitfire.com Willowick, Ohio – Willow Praise Church SERVICE TIMES: March 30-31, 2012 / 7pm Fri-Sat & April 1st / 10:30am Sunday DESCRIPTION: This is a gathering of the Hungry & Thirsty from across the United States to see the OUTPOURING of the Holy Spirit and the Glory of God burning over our entire state. Bring the lost, bring the sick, bring those who are hungry and thirsty. Sound the Alarm, it’s time! This event is hosted by House of Prayer East & Co-Sponsered by Willowick Praise Church. For more info, and to register for this free for this gathering, go to www.InhabitFire.com Also, feel free to invite your Facebook Friends to this event. SPEAKERS: Michael Krysty is an unique emerging radical revivalist with a uncompromising message of supernatural power of Jesus. He is the founder of Inhabit Fire Ministries, and walks in a powerful and accurate realm of the word of knowledge and gifts of healing. He was introduced to the gospel while in a drug rehab and had a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ and has never been the same. Now, Michael and his wife, Amanda, travel the world preaching and demonstrating the message of the raw power and love of the Kingdom of Heaven. They reside just outside of Charlotte, NC and attend Morningstar Church when home. WORSHIP: Pastor Scott Waterman from Jamestown, New York. LOCATION VENUE Willow Praise Church 32901 Vine St Willowick, Ohio HOTELS: Courtyard by Marriott 35103 Maplegrove Road, Willoughby, OH


Making Blues Brothers With John Belushi and Dan Akroyd—“We Had a Budget

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“Oh, John, I don't know,” one of them would say. “Maybe you can do a Ringo song.” …. The drugs aren't helping. By now Belushi's appetites for fun and adventure are fueled by quaaludes, mescaline, LSD, and amphetamines. But all of them combined take a …
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The New Gateway Drugs

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“We observed an increase back in 2009,” says Wimberly, who investigates prescription-drug compliance issues with doctors, pharmacies and patients in the Dayton and western Ohio area. “There's an awful lot of pharmacies between here and Florida. We had …
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