Support Groups and Community Services That Can Help for Drugs?

Question by remo_M: support groups and community services that can help for drugs?
What are the support groups and communty services that can help for substance use and abuse
other than kids help line

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Answer by Ed
Gosh, there are hundreds of different support groups.
WHO SEEKS the help for themselves (the abuser, a son/daughter, a parent, or a friend, an adult son/daughter still living with bad memories and ways of thinking from growing up with a drug abuser in the same family, or ?)?
Is THE DRUG ABUSER a kid, an adult, a father/mother, a physician, nurse, or ?
Do you know WHAT TYPE OF DRUG is the person abusing? Marijuana, Cocaine, Pills, or ?
Such info would be key to checking on the availability of a local helpline.

In terms of a possibly helpful helpline…
First, you could try just dialing 211 when you get your dialtone.That might work.
Then try during the week the Federal Helpline 800-729-6686.
Natl Council on Alcoholism/Drug 800-622-2255.

What STATE do you live in? That would probably be the BEST helpline, and it should be a 24 hour a day one.

If a youth, the very best ones available nationally 24hrs a day are…
The NiineLine (youth crisis) 800- 999-9999
Girl’s/Boy’s Town (youth crisis) 800- 448-3000.

Take good care.

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