Symptoms of Internet Addiction


Symptoms Of Internet Addiction – Everyone has an addiction. But internet addiction has taken the most lives. Social lives that is. You should catch it before it consumes you. Here are some symptoms that can help you identify whether or not you have an internet addiction problem or not. SUBSCRIBE AND RATE 5 STARS 🙂 I do not own any of the music played during this video and stuff like that.


I took back my cheat of a husband… and look how he repaid me!

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I wrote to you earlier this year (my letter was published on May 26) because I'd taken back my husband after his affair with a girlfriend from the Seventies whom he'd traced on the internet. I loved him dearly, we'd been married more …. That …
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Smartphone addiction disrupts Canadians' lives

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With the knowledge base of the Internet at his fingertips, all of his contacts and social networks, the smartphone is effectively an extension of his very self. Peters tries not to sleep with it, … “I think there is a huge addiction factor. You have …
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Porn addiction may lead to memory loss

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According to researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the findings could help psychologists understand why some people with internet porn addictions forget to sleep, miss appointments, shirk job responsibilities and neglect relationships …
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