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B/f Is Locked Up ! Help ..?

Question by knob.: b/f is locked up ! help ..?
okay . we live in Indianapolis indiana & he just got locked up in the marion county juvenile center [or something like that] hes 17 years old . he was already on probabtion & had about 13 more days till he got off . then 3 days ago he was riding with his friend who got pulled over for having drugs . either that or his friend had drugs . today is his court day& the judge is either gonna let him go or keep him till septer 26 [his next court date]. does ne one know what shes going to choose ?? dont be negative please, just help me out .. dont tell me his a bad boyfriend just help if you can ..

How Is Counseling Done as Part of a Drug Rehab Program?

Question by aubrie a: How is counseling done as part of a drug rehab program?
I am a senior student and is dreaming of becoming a counselor someday. I’ve heard from our teacher that counseling is an essential part of drug rehabilitation programs. I want to know more about it to become a good counselor someday. I will help the victims of illegal drugs by giving them pieces of advice.

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Answer by ?????
the most well known drug rehab program that i know if is narcotics anonymous. you can read more about how their program works on their website: http://www.na.org/basic.htm

What Is One Behavior You Simply Won’t Tolerate in a Significant Other?

Question by devilishlyclever™: What is one behavior you simply won’t tolerate in a significant other?
For example, I will not put up with dishonesty, or alcohol/drug abuse.
What about you?

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Answer by Sacha Fetchit

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Zoe’s Story, for Parents


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When Will They Start Mandatory Drug Testing for Women Getting Child Support?

Question by Stupid Grandpa Tricks: When will they start mandatory drug testing for Women getting Child Support?
So sick of all the stories of how women ( and some men ) who get really good child support payments that pay ALL their bills and extras are always addicted to drugs. I even know a man in Florida who is drug addicted and the system is his co-dependent. I say this because the courts awarded him the kid and the ex pays BIG child support thus allowing him to not work and pursue his full time drug addiction.We see this with movie stars all the time. We just don’t here about it as much with family court being a closed court and child support is not considered a tax payer funded system ( although it really is if you think about it) who pays judges and child support agencies-? Taxpayers.