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Marijuana for PTSD: Existing Evidence and MAPS’ FDA-Approved Protocol – Sue Sisley


Marijuana for PTSD: Existing Evidence and MAPS’ FDA-Approved Protocol – Sue Sisley – http://psychedelicscience.org Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org:? ?http://www.amara.org/en/videos/lknPPTAsNKxs/info/ Marijuana for PTSD: …


Op-Ed: Mentally ill veterans have earned the nation's support

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A small part of the sacrifice can be repaid through supporting the funding needed to help them overcome the obstacles they now face. Veteran's courts, drug courts and mental health courts are a tool that has been found to be effective in helping …
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NM Men Arrested in Alabama Drug Bust


NM men arrested in Alabama drug bust – NM men arrested in Alabama drug bust.


Top General to Teens: Watch What You Post Online!

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More than three-fourths of teenagers have a cellphone and use online social networking sites such as Facebook. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the … phones to post everything from videos of school drug searches, to nude images of girlfriends or …
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11 Imaginary Republican Enemies That Could Give Bigfoot A Run For Its Money

Would Prop 19 for Legalizing Marijuana Have a Better Chance of Passing in Oregon or Washington State?

Question by Alkohollokaust: Would prop 19 for legalizing marijuana have a better chance of passing in Oregon or Washington state?
those states are far more liberal than California? Oregon is so liberal that they legalized assisted suicide where every other state Christians shove their religious crap down everyones throat. Washington has Seattle and has the Hemp Hest where they let pot smoking hippies smoke that crap even though its still illegal there but tolerated to some degree.

Would Marijuana more likely be legalized in those states than California? Or not?

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What Is a Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse in College?

Question by woof woof: what is a solution to prescription drug abuse in college?
i need to make up a proposed solution or policy to the problem of college students abusing prescription drugs like adderall or ritalin. can someone please help me? i need suggestions 🙂

thank you!

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Faces of Prescription Drug Abuse: Dawn Thompson – Shelbyville wife and mother of 3 Dawn Thompson talks about her struggle with a prescription drug addiction that followed multiple health problems.

When Will They Start Mandatory Drug Testing for Women Getting Child Support?

Question by Stupid Grandpa Tricks: When will they start mandatory drug testing for Women getting Child Support?
So sick of all the stories of how women ( and some men ) who get really good child support payments that pay ALL their bills and extras are always addicted to drugs. I even know a man in Florida who is drug addicted and the system is his co-dependent. I say this because the courts awarded him the kid and the ex pays BIG child support thus allowing him to not work and pursue his full time drug addiction.We see this with movie stars all the time. We just don’t here about it as much with family court being a closed court and child support is not considered a tax payer funded system ( although it really is if you think about it) who pays judges and child support agencies-? Taxpayers.

FREE HELP #3 – 17 Year Old Wants to Quit Marijuana


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Joe Jonas' Alleged Drug Addiction Behind Jonas Brothers Tour Cancellation

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Those close to him “have been begging him to seek help." “At this point, Nick and Kevin don't care what is going on … Although this talk of drugs may be one big fabrication, both TMZ and E! News noted that Joe has been accompanied by addiction …
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