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Will the Treatment Ted Kennedy Gets Be Available to You and I?

Question by Obama – Wimp in the White House: Will the treatment Ted Kennedy gets be available to you and I?
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The quality medical care Ted Kennedy quickly received after his brain cancer diagnosis would not be available to Americans if the U.S. adopted the healthcare policies advocated by the Massachusetts Senator and other liberals, an expert opines.

One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.

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What Is the Best Way to Break an Addiction?

Question by lohanaddict: What is the best way to break an addiction?
no consouling
i have a friend who is addicted

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Answer by tinkerbella
Live in the moment.

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Coastal Plains Community Center benefits South Texans

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Narcotic Drug Addiction.?

Question by Dead man inc: Narcotic drug Addiction.?
Hey i need help i’m having problems with my pain pills i take oxycoden.I recently noticed i’m getting addicted to them ive been take two with in 4 hours when it should be one every 4 hours.I’m only 15 and its the only pain pill that works i dont want them to change it.ive taken dozens of other pills nothing works.What would be the best way to deal with this?

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Answer by Oreo Schmoreo
Please talk to someone you can trust about this problem. It will not get better on its own. The sooner you seek help, the easier it’s going to be.

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Rehab Centers Phx Az?

Question by Sonya: rehab centers phx az?
looking for a rehab to help me get cleaned at the same time help me find a job and be productive

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Answer by Steve…/center_for_transitional_rehab.html
good luck

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