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I Have to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Holtsville, New York, for People With Prescription Drug Addictio

Question by aja np: I have to find addiction treatment centers in Holtsville, New York, for people with prescription drug addictio
This is because my cousin is an ambien addict and I would like to help her get herself treated, if only by finding a treatment center for her. I already talked to her about this and she made it clear that she wants to change.

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Is There a Good Drug Rehab Here in Rockland, Maine?

Question by abigail lp: Is there a good drug rehab here in Rockland, Maine?
My sister is a party goer. Last year, she attended this party at her college and was offered ecstasy. She got hooked on it since then. My dad is working in New York and he will be coming home in a few months. I want her to be clean before my dad arrives.

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NIDA TV Spotlight on Doctors Judith and David Brooks: Risks and Consequences of Drug Abuse


NIDA TV Spotlight on Doctors Judith and David Brooks: Risks and Consequences of Drug Abuse – NIDA TV interview with New York University, Langone Medical Center’s and NIDA Grantees, Drs. Judith and David Brooks following their NIH-NIDA hosted presenta…


The frustrating, confusing world of mental illness

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Medications can have unpleasant side effects, such as weight gain and loss of sex drive. … And funding for community-based treatment is scarce, with Florida ranking near the bottom nationally for mental health and substance abuse services. Miller …
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Have You Heard of Organized Stalking or Cause Stalking?

Question by Terry Cloth: Have you heard of organized stalking or cause stalking?
It’s a recently documented phenomena, that is commonly used as a form of reprisal for whistleblowers or to terrorize people in minority groups, outspoken community members, ex spouses, etc.

It is exactly as frightening as it sounds. Groups of people stalking and harassing a single individual in a community, so pervasively that the targeted individual is driven to commit suicide, be institutionalized, and/or incarcerated.

Can you believe this is happening?
What could one person do to stop this?

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Amphetamine Abuse (Strange Symptom)?

Question by lancee813: Amphetamine Abuse (strange symptom)?
I know someone (60 yrs. old) who was abusing dexadrine and then adderall for over a year, during this time I noticed that they were constantly humming this short tune, over and over and over again, all the time. This humming began around the time the abuse began. He was combining the amphetamines with Vicodin , Effexor, and Seroquel. He has supposedly been clean of the amphetamines for the last month yet the humming continues. Could this possibly be a sign of brain damage from the drug abuse? Also, why did the drug induce this constant humming in the first place? Thanks for any help..

What Do You Know About Chris Farley?

Question by rosesbloom7: What do you know about Chris Farley?

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Answer by satya
funny fat guy

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Stories of Substance Abuse Treatment from the Provider and Patient.wmv – Providers at the Institute for Family Health discuss how they are integrating primary care and substance abuse treatment to improve the care for their patien…


Exposing Obscenity: The William S. Burroughs Century

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