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Who Is Heather Dylan?

Question by Katya A: Who is Heather Dylan?
I know she is Jakob Dylans kid but they keep everything so damn private I cant find any information on her

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Fictional Book or Movie About Drug Addiction?

Question by Emily A: Fictional book or movie about drug addiction?
Looking for a good book about drug addiction, preferably about a guy? Not a memoir or autobiography or anything, strictly fictional. Badass perhaps? And downward spiraling depression and all that good drama stuffs, ha. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Kiwi!
Candy by Luke Davies
Candy by Kevin Brooks (this one is about a girl though)

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Will the Treatment Ted Kennedy Gets Be Available to You and I?

Question by Obama – Wimp in the White House: Will the treatment Ted Kennedy gets be available to you and I?
By: Newsmax Staff Article Font Size

The quality medical care Ted Kennedy quickly received after his brain cancer diagnosis would not be available to Americans if the U.S. adopted the healthcare policies advocated by the Massachusetts Senator and other liberals, an expert opines.

One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.

Internet Addiction, the New Disorder? – New York Post


Internet Addiction, the New Disorder? – New York Post – The psychology community researches Pathological Computer Use. (


Addiction Treatment Center in New York


addiction treatment center in new york –


Jane’s Addiction – MOUNTAIN SONG


Jane’s Addiction – MOUNTAIN SONG – Jane’s Addiction performing the song “Mountain Song”. From the album Nothing’s Shocking in New York City July 25, 2011.