The Gambling Addiction Epidemic Is Exploding, While Addicts Are Flooding Treatment Centers


The Gambling Addiction Epidemic Is Exploding, While Addicts Are Flooding Treatment Centers – Click on tovisit what may be one of the most important, life-changing websites you’ll ever see. Dear Gambler, Are you losing control? Feeling remorse after gambling… chasing your losses… gambling until you have no more money left… having recurring urges to gamble… losing time from family life, school or work to gamble… selling or borrowing to finance your habit, etc. If so, I have bad news for you. The addiction has taken root, and it can ravage your life if you don’t stop it NOW. You are at a crossroads, and one of the paths is complete devastation and losing everything you have in your life. I know, because I lived it for over 20 years. And I lost everything. That’s why I can understand, relate to you and help you like no one else can. I will not only get you quick results by ripping the roots out from your problem, I will turn your life around by cleaning up the mess you left behind. You have full access to me… one month at a time… which means that anytime you have a problem, give me a call and I will help you work things out… and we will keep at it until we succeed. I will make amends with your friends and family and get those you’ve hurt back on your side. My success rate is over 90%. That means that you are pretty darn sure you will get the results you want… If you have other addictions, tell me. I am a one stop shop, so make the most of it. There is no one else that uses my approach or has a success rate as high as mine


Former gambler sets up rehab centre to help others kick habit

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Chiang, who is remarried with five children, has been helping people struggling with their gambling addiction for the past 10 years. The centre offers a three-month rehabilitation programme where gamblers can stay at its branches in Seremban and Kluang …
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Video games as addictive as gambling: study

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"It's found really good objective indicators that excessive gamers are displaying signs of an addiction and that's the first step to lead us to developing treatment and therapies to help those individuals." Ms Metcalf says only a minority of gamers …
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10 Responses to The Gambling Addiction Epidemic Is Exploding, While Addicts Are Flooding Treatment Centers

  • cutebutnotnice100 says:

    Leaves me here alone to rush home to his games. He’s? a jerk.

  • cutebutnotnice100 says:

    You lose loved ones? when gambling comes first…

  • ExcitementBeach says:

    Who the fuck is Rush Limbo? Its Limbaugh you moron. This guys a fucked up little fag and I wouldn’t take any advice from him. He looks like he? touched little kids wieners.

  • haldewaye says:

    Hi Howard,you are really doing a greatjob out there,we need more people like you to tell the sick,and the govt,what it? is all about.God bless you.

  • planetrockford says:

    The government? of Britain are encouraging this vile disease, I hope the Taliban take the lot out. We are sick of their limp wristed acceptance of corperate greed.

  • WendyBabyYeah says:

    Forget gambling, get a job!
    Go to aabedinDOTcom/jobs, they’ll hook you up with a job in your area in a flash baby! (you have to replace the DOT with a real dot, I’ve written it like that coz this thing won’t let me? type in the actual address!)
    Get rid of your gambling debts too, I explain how to do that on my channel.

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  • catman1cheese says:

    It? is a green screen.!

  • dethbiker says:

    [ ] actually? in a studio
    [x] green screen

  • richards555 says:

    great suff love your videos.
    im mad too but i can not stop gambling!
    been stuck 200k up 300k down? 500k up 400k finaly im taking a break im at 100k up and its burning a hole in my pocket i have a big big gambling problem i feel so sick …so im watching your videos and its helping my lots…hopefully i can stay away befor i get hurt big time..thnks

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