Number of Young Drug Abusers on the Rise – 21Oct2012


Number of young drug abusers on the rise – 21Oct2012 – SINGAPORE: It used to be that teenagers turned to glue to get high, but now synthetics drugs like “Ice” and “Ecstasy” are increasingly becoming their poisons of choice and arrests of new abusers below the age of 20 have gone up. Last year, 228 new abusers below the age of 20 were nabbed for drug abuse – almost three times the number in 2007. One former user told Channel NewsAsia that he got the drugs at parties or drinking sessions that he’d been invited to. Dr Carol Balhetchet, director of youth services at the Singapore Children’s Society, said: “You have the parties at chalets… they have parties in their own homes when their parents are not around or they have parties in places where there are no adults around. “Their parties aren’t exciting until they add a little colour to it, which is the drugs. So I would call them designer parties, because that’s where they have their designer drugs.” Social workers said that what is more worrying is that teens are now being introduced to party drugs at a younger age. Youth worker Daeng Norashida Sahak, who works with Ain Society, said she recently handled a case where a girl first tried ecstasy when she was only 11 years old. Such drugs cost about between S and S a pill, and teens pay for it in instalments – using their own pocket money. Ms Norashida said that first-timers are usually allowed to try the drug for free, but have to pay for subsequent use of the drug. Typically, many of the youth she counsels turn to drugs


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