The War on Drugs Has Failed


The War on Drugs Has Failed – A Google Tech Talk August 17, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Stanford “Neill” Franklin, Police (Ret.) Executive Director, LEAP “It pains me to know that there is a solution for preventing tragedy and nothing is being done because of ignorance, stubbornness, unsubstantiated fear and greed.” Hear Neill Franklin, Executive Director of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), speak on the problems and costs of the war on drugs, and the reasons society would be better off if it were ended. Founded on March 16, 2002, LEAP is made up of current and former members of the law enforcement and criminal justice communities who are speaking out about the failures of our existing drug policies. Those policies have failed, and continue to fail, to effectively address the problems of , especially the problems of juvenile drug use, the problems of addiction, and the problems of crime caused by the existence of a criminal black market in drugs. Although those who speak publicly for LEAP are people from the law enforcement and criminal justice communities, a large number of our supporting members do not have such experience. You don’t have to have law enforcement experience to join us. By continuing to fight the so-called “War on Drugs”, the US government has worsened these problems of society instead of alleviating them. A system of regulation and control of these substances (by the government, replacing the current system of control by the black market) would be a less harmful Celebrates 5 Years of Helping People Find Drug Rehab

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This winter, leading drug rehab referral site celebrates its fifth anniversary of assisting persons with alcoholism and addiction in to treatment centers. With recovery as the main focus of the company, the group at is …
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ShopRite Makes Record Donation of 100000 Pounds of Turkey to Local Food

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Over the last decade, ShopRite Partners In Caring, a year round hunger-fighting initiative, has donated more than 700,000 pounds of frozen turkeys to food banks in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. … ShopRite …
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23 Responses to The War on Drugs Has Failed

  • Jose Nunez says:

    so have? world wars

  • billybasscongahead says:

    if the criminal element was removed from the? chain then the endless misery and mindless killings would be a thing of the past. what goes down in mexico is truly shocking and hard to comprehend, less still for the hundreds if not thousands of lives ruined and families ripped apart by drug wars. much good can be gained by instantly legalizing cannabis, but so much more to lose by not.

  • Godtardism says:

    Legalize Marijuana, but more so, legitimize it.
    If cops want to be the good guys now, put on a pretty face and whine to us about being the poor, innocent bystander while evil bureaucracy rears it’s law breaking head and violates our civil rights then? I would estimate there being 100,000,000,000 lbs of marijuana to give back to their respective country’s citizens with a HUGE fucking apology before I would even consider LEAP as being authentic and sincere.

  • Godtardism says:

    I hope I am wrong and my skepticism is just getting the better of me. If so, great, but I won’t apologize.
    And if any of you wimpy optimists think I should repeal my statement, then fuck you and I hope rip the joint out? of your mouth and replace it with a soother. If you think I am at fault for standing guard there is something seriously fucking wrong with you.
    And for you siding with cops in general telling me I’m wrong, that’s why I am holding judgement.

  • Godtardism says:

    BEWARE: Advocates, please, don’t drop your guard!!!!
    They still say it’s evil and dangerous and they’re demonizing it further.
    The only reason they are talking legalization is because of the violence and the economy.
    Both are good reasons but not the only good reasons.
    Marijuana’s benefits, both socially and medically are being sidelined, even totally disregarded as being? a lie.
    When are these hypocrites going to realize how wrong they are and how righteous peer reviewed science is?

  • MrSchmolko says:

    if you think gov doesnt know all this you are naive…its about money. as long as drugs are illegal? you can make billions with them. the only one against legalization is the narco mafia and, being one of the biggest industries on the planet, the lobbies and so the govt.

  • jumboyarm says:

    if u dont smoke just put bit in cake mixture and bake cakes …it works ….cannabis cures? alot of illness’s including cancer when processed to oil….and thats a fact ..:) good luck..

  • ATLDASH says:

    you’re? an engineer?

  • G Philip C says:

    i use vodka for back pain, would like to try cannabis.?

  • PieJacker1 says:

    I’m a little lazy. That was also 7? months ago.

  • puppetsock says:

    Stopping “the war on drugs” does? not necessarily mean “anything goes.”

    Alchohol as the model: Still illegal to give to under aged persons. Still has to be sold under certain restrictions, though these are not too odious. Can’t be distilled by just anybody, though beer and wine are pretty much produced by anybody who wants, for personal use. Taxed and monitored by the govt. And laws about consuming and driving. Could be better, but that model is probably acceptable.

  • puppetsock says:

    You clearly are buying your drugs? from poor sources.

    Or, by “everything” you mean pot.

    Because there are lots of common street drugs that will make you do all that and more.

  • Ronnie Smith says:

    Is this honest man still alive?the powers that be dont like this guy? i tell ya.

  • ChrisArnol9010 says:

    You are partly right in that they should legalise some of the drugs (medicinal cannabis for example). But don’t think? for a second that it will stop the problem of illegal drug traffic. An example would be cigarettes; they are legal but still people smuggle them illegally and sell them for a ton cheaper than retail. Heroin and coke are dangerous as hell, legalising them is a recipe for a medical disaster in the US (which has pretty bad healthcare).

  • SayaKoRnAh says:


  • Jordainio says:

    What? a brilliant lecture and great man. He brings up so many good points. I am going to contact this organisation.!!

  • Anon Canada says:

    All drugs must be legalized,or we are creating a possbility for traffic,generating billions USD each year,supporting act of violence,orgnized crime,
    legalization=cannot be a traffic
    the prices are high because of the transit,the risks,otherwse coke or cannabis dont cost much,its 3box a gramm in columbia,THE PROBLEM IS traffic,not people getting high,and it cannot? be eliminated or banned.

  • Realitycleans says:

    Either we are free, or we are not. All men? yearn to be free…so, as long as you are not harming someone else, minding your own business…wtf? Get govt out of our lives!

  • toobphish says:

    Free? Did you say free? Heavens NO! Every schmuck from Obama to the local? dog catcher would lose half their income if the shit was free! The Drug Trade is big business; everybody knows that! But the “War On Drugs” is also big business; thats a little less well known! Addiction is a progressive, chronic, fatal illness! Chronic illnesses do not respond to law enforcement; they are usually made worse by the application of law enforcement solutions! This brave man speaks truth!

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    Opioids came to America buy the Asians, and they would smoke it in the opium dens where white woman would go. White men didn’t like that. and blacks on cocaine would rape anything that walked,? so scared white men in the Govt made it illegal. the only reason booze is legal today is because every American wanted to get drunk. so the 18th Amendment/Volstead Act was abolished. i will send you the story about the study i am talking about

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    what bs? booze would be as illegal as a crack rock today if it wasn’t for the tremendous outcry during Prohibition to make it legal. you where able to buy heroin in the sears catalog during the turn of the century. you should read on why the govt made drug illegal, it because the old farts in the govt where scared that blacks, Mexicans, Asians. would get? high and rape the white woman. and white woman would would get hooked and fuck them for drugs. it’s 100% true.

  • Doc Tweeter says:

    I originally agreed……then I stuck around for 5 mins and I just watched? the whole thing..this is some good shit.

  • ziberteck says:

    This Cop? needs to be terminated.

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