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SPECIAL REPORT: Drug traffickers operating Sandy Springs rehab center

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11Alive News has learned that two metro Atlanta men who recently pled guilty to federal drug trafficking charges have been operating a Sandy Springs facility for recovering addicts for several years. In October, federal prosecutors announced the …
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Volunteers urge extension to Klong Toey

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At least 226 drug users in the community have been sent for rehabilitation since the programme started. Natenapha Ponrak, a local volunteer, said she would begin patrolling with officers next week. She conceded that many of the volunteers are not …
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Frank Jones 'I grew cannabis farm to fund son's drug rehab': Pensioner just

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A pensioner grew cannabis worth £12,000 to wean his son off drugs with a rehab course. Former oil rig worker Frank Jones, 74, admitted producing nearly 400 grammes of the drug which he told magistrates he believed was worth up to £3,000. He was …
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23 Responses to UNION SQUARE Documentary Dir Stephen Szklarski, Drugs. Rehab, Detox, Heroin,

  • CreedChrist says:

    Notice that happy smirk at 9:24, feels the wave, lol?

  • CreedChrist says:

    damn, looks like she? did 4 bags at the end.

  • don dubray says:

    im 35 from Canada and? that is sad,whatever happed kidness and helping man kind shame on people walkin buy i would grab them all and let them in my place, they are human beings,just like me and you, well im gona do a line then off to bed love u all

  • jenny kokenge says:

    whoever said house the drugie is crazy! THey are sick yes. THey will also steal? from tyou in a second and dont think twice about it. Think brfore you write stupid stuff!

  • wendy lee says:

    I met Cheyenne many yrs. ago in Conifer Park and we kept in touch for awhile after we both left,but over time we lost contact with one another.I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get ahold of her ,where? she is now,how she is and all that? I see she has a fb page,but she has never accepted my friend request,so I don’t know how often she gets online.I’ve thought about her alot over the years and would love to get in touch with her again! So,if you know her please leave me a comment.Thx!

  • wendy lee says:

    ILet’s hope and pray that you or anyone close to you ever has a drug problem because it is terrible. Like I said,I know her and she is a great person.I’m sorry you feel the way you do,but you are entitled to your opinon about this and so am I,but do not call me an idiot unless you know me because I am not judging you at all.I only stated that I knew her and that she isn’t this terrible,awful woman because she’s an addict.? She was a wonderful woman actually once you got to know her.

  • wendy lee says:

    Sorry but the woman in this documentary is far? from a piece of shit!She was a heroin addict,the drug took over her life,but that doesn’t make her a bad person.Unless you have ever been through half of what she has then you have no room to judge her or any of these people in this video. They are people that are addicted to something that is obviously stronger than they are! I know her and I know her story and she is a very pleasant person with a heart of gold! So,think before you judge!

  • wendy lee says:

    this was filmed back in the end of 2003 or the beginning of 2004 I can’t exactly remember when,but I met the girl in this video in 2004 I think it? was and she had already made the documentary when I met her in January 2004.So,it’s quite a few years old.

  • Skooks458 says:


  • 2tkotk1977 says:

    So are these guys still alive n how do they get? money to support habit

  • 5150gamer says:

    the music makes? this fun to watch

  • xaverdominic XD says:

    who can? i buy this “handy go bag” ?
    i came from austria

  • joshy1ification says:

    Your right fuck him at the end of the day he is probably like the buddah before he left the palace gates unaware shielded by his middle class neibourhood and white collar middle upper class parents life is hard these people have more courage than anyone its hard to get through each? day for a junkie i used to be one

  • kennyufc09 says:


  • MegSon33333 says:

    Made me weak in the knees?

  • MilitantDOAR says:

    That guy shooting in the bathroom is so nasty and dirty,? atleast use somewhere clean you fool

  • IceTray36 says:

    nuthin alike

    heroin is? like heaven on earth, alch makes u stupid and loud

  • flashpadxxx says:

    no.not at? all!

  • giaisbomb says:

    —Hi I was wondering, how would you compare the high of heroin to the high of being completely wasted? on alcohol? Any similarities?

  • 13Opiate says:

    I dont know why I guess cuz they give out bottlecaps cookers at the exchanges around the country, but I just use a spoon.At the one here in my town they give the cooker cap thing and then a wire so U dont have to burn your fingers.at least, but those things suck.Lucky for us whre Im at alot of the stuffs so clean U really can dissolve it cold and not? even have to heat it if U have no metal

  • 13Opiate says:

    methadone is free in MN where I live, I am on it but U have to be? a resident to get it covered. Otherwise we have two 15 a day clinics too cheaper than there move here. Its cool here.And If U get tired of that Ill hook U up. LOL

  • k2xplorer77 says:

    Oh my god. That poor kid, his technique is horrible hes gonna? get hurt.

  • wrektalica says:

    finally i found this documentary for free,if you wanna download it just? register on
    and you will find it there…
    in your face Stephen Szklarski…….buahahahhahaaa

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