What Is a Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse in College?

Question by woof woof: what is a solution to abuse in college?
i need to make up a proposed solution or policy to the problem of college students abusing prescription drugs like adderall or ritalin. can someone please help me? i need suggestions 🙂

thank you!

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Faces of Prescription Drug Abuse: Dawn Thompson – Shelbyville wife and mother of 3 Dawn Thompson talks about her struggle with a prescription drug addiction that followed multiple health problems.


West Virginia Collects Almost 5000 Pounds of Drugs on National Drug Take

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West Virginia partnered with the DEA on Oct. 26 and 63 different agencies collected over 4,976 pounds of unused prescription drugs at 114 Take-Back sites across the state. The DEA will continue with this inititive and host more nationwide Take-Back …
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New report addresses rise of prescription drug abuse in Illinois

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According to the CDC, overdoses from prescription drugs have risen over 400 percent among females and 265 percent among males. IDPH Director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck states in the report, "When it comes to prescription pain medications, abuse of opioids, …
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Teens and prescription drugs

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I recently attended a meeting in Missoula that addressed prescription drug abuse by teenagers. The meeting was hosted by the UM Pharmacy School and sponsored by the Montana Meth Project and Montana Pharmacy Association. Many parents aren't …
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5 Responses to What Is a Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse in College?

  • John says:

    Lock all the dumb-a$ $ es that are abusing them, in a jail cell.

  • DollFace24 says:

    Drug testing wont help when it comes to prescription drugs. Maybe if there more functions and activities on campus they would have more to do.

  • Your Best Fiend says:

    Abolish colleges.

  • Milo says:

    You have to make a suggestions to pharmacies that if ever a student without prescription buys a prescriptive drugs, don’t sell to them. It is the pharmacies that always gives these teens all the addictive drugs just for the sake of profit.

  • mark gamble says:

    This lady represents Abuse of Prescription Drugs but no way shape or form
    does she represent Use of Prescription Drugs … Many are thrown under the
    bus as recluse due to others with their Abuse and not Use of Prescription
    Drugs … I know both … I am the latter of the two … Legit chronic pain
    is a far outcry of one whom wants to get a high off drugs of any type …
    Is their room for teaching the difference to the public for a disabled
    person to discuss Use vs Abuse Jack?

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