When Will They Start Mandatory Drug Testing for Women Getting Child Support?

Question by Stupid Grandpa Tricks: When will they start mandatory drug testing for Women getting Child Support?
So sick of all the stories of how women ( and some men ) who get really good child support payments that pay ALL their bills and extras are always addicted to drugs. I even know a man in Florida who is drug addicted and the system is his co-dependent. I say this because the courts awarded him the kid and the ex pays BIG child support thus allowing him to not work and pursue his full time .We see this with movie stars all the time. We just don’t here about it as much with family court being a closed court and child support is not considered a tax payer funded system ( although it really is if you think about it) who pays judges and child support agencies-? Taxpayers.

Welfare upsets the “taxpayers” so we NOW drug test. Why not test all those receiving child support entitlement ?

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Answer by wizjp
uh…never. Child support is not public money. At least not in the US. It’s money paid from one parent to another thru a support agency

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6 Responses to When Will They Start Mandatory Drug Testing for Women Getting Child Support?

  • Kevin says:

    The reason they don’t is because people don’t believe children should be punished for the mistakes of their parents. Hope this helps.

  • ranger_co_1_75 says:

    Welfare in my state does not Drug Test, In fact being an addict is grounds for receiving welfare in my state.
    HOWEVER, Aid to Dependent Children is paid by welfare and is tax payer supported when the person who is supposed to pay the child support fails to pay. The state then goes after that person for the amount it is costing the state.

    Family court is funded by the court fees and cost each person pays when bringing a case to court. It is Criminal Court that is funded by tax payers.

    As for drug testing, it is probably viewed the same as it is in custody hearings. Having illegal drugs around is no different than having prescription narcotics around when a person is ill or injured, so it has no affect on who gets custody. Not right, because as you state, the person receiving the support payments use them for drugs, not supporting the child.

  • True Believer says:

    Stupid question grumpy grandpa.

  • W.C. says:

    Child Support is not Welfare. I pay child support out of my income, not my taxes. It’s the lazy arsed dead beats who have three illegitimate kids living in public housing, getting food stamps and WIC who need to be drug tested. I’d say a good 30 to 50% of those receiving public assistance would be denied just on those grounds alone. That’s almost 2.5 Billion dollars saved in tax expenses every year. I’m a parent who was half responsible for giving birth to my son. Why should my ex-wife be completely responsible for providing support for our child? Not exactly fair is it? The reason we have Child Support agencies and have to have judges drag dead beat mothers and fathers into court is because most of you won’t pay if you’re not forced to. If you did the right thing up front there would be no need. If you are legally divorced from your spouse then you have no rights when it comes to what he or she does – You can sue if you think there is child neglect or abuse but otherwise, shut up and pay your fair share. As for the example you used about a guy getting child support having no job and is addicted to drugs getting the kids and others KNOW about this – I have a hard time believing that! DSS would be involved then and remove the child from the home even without due process. All it would take is one phone call. As far as “movie stars” – Which movie star are you talking about? And who cares – That’s not “real” life anyway.

  • Guess Who says:

    Child support IS NOT an entitlement. It is YOUR child’s right to be supported by BOTH his parents.

    You picked your child’s mother, didn’t you? So don’t complaint. She couldn’t have been that bad when you chose her to be your child’s mother, was she?

    A child has the right to be emotionally supported by both parents. If you are too absent from your child’s life to notice that there is something amiss, then BAD DADDY.

    Your child has the right to be raised by the best parent. You have the same right as mommy does to petition the court for custody.

    Take care

  • Patrick B says:

    1. Child support is a system of payments from one parent to the other to help pay the costs of raising a child. Setting unneeded regulations to deny the money that the child needs is ridiculous. Should the child continue to suffer for the sins of the parent?

    2. Yes some states did try drug testing welfare recipients (Michigan, Arizona, Florida). Do you know what they found out? That welfare users tested positive for drugs LESS OFTEN than the general public. I know that totally flies in the face of all the things you believe, but it’s true. Those states also discontinued testing welfare recipients when they found out it cost more money to test them than they were saving by kicking drug users off the roles.

    3. You don’t know more than 1 person who is abusing drugs and is getting child support payments. All the “stories” you here are just that, stories. Either crafted by angry men who don’t want to be paying for child support (also known as scum) or by pundits who want you to get mad at the “welfare queens” who are sucking up our tax dollars, even though it’s been shown to be an extreme exageration. Everyone on the internet will tell you how they know tons of welfare recipients who drive mercedes and buy lobster and steak with their EBT card, but if it was true, everyone would be on welfare. Not because it’s nice, but because the sheer number of stories would require that many welfare users to be true.

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