Will a 14 Day Stay in Drug Rehab Work?

Question by : Will a 14 day stay in work?
My boyfriend has a heroin addiction and wants to get help. He doesn’t have health insurance and everywhere he has called either says they are full or can only take him for 14 days. Are there any other options? Do you think this will help?

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Answer by mylittlehellions
Most rehabilitation takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days but, you never know, it’s worth a shot.

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  • ..420.. says:

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ..”its worth a shot”..lol…it could work, but u know, heroin is very addicting, it could take more than just 14 days. two weeks is just enough time to withdraw from it, but not become completely sober. good luck to ur man though..

  • If he truelly is ready to get over his addiction, the 14 days will put him on a road to recovery BUT the real work is up to him. He must develop a day to day plan that includes staying away from anyone using and respecting himself enough to go through a rough peroid of “wanting”…. I wish you/him the best of luck and remember, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”
    It’s up to him to recover and stay drug free…. anyone else is his support but he’s the cause!

  • Edgewater Drug Rehab and Detox Helpline says:

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